Kabald - Rise of the Runelords

Thwarting the Goblin's in Sandpoint

Journal of Hex McBog

Wednesday, the 4th of Rova, 4707 A.R.

What an eventful couple of days!

After the goblin’s shocking attack on Sandpoint during the Swallowtail Festival, Sheriff Hemlock asked Lavender, Ando and me to keep an eye on things around town while he went to Magnimar for aid.

I was happy to help, especially since I’m rarely asked to keep an eye on anything. We must have really made an impression during the invasion, because Lavender is usually persona non-gratis due to her constant haranguing about the sanctity of nature. Along with the new fellow in town, Ando Bonovoce we set out upon our new duties.

Things were quiet until Bethana over at the Rusty Dragon found a cryptic note from Tsuto to his sister Ameiko. Everyone in Sandpoint loves Ameiko, but Tsuto is another story. Anyway, Tsuto claimed that their father was somehow involved in the goblin raid and that she should meet with him at the glass-works.

Now, old Lonjiku Kajitsu certainly isn’t loved around town, but the idea of him being involved with goblins raids seemed farfetched. He’s run that glass-works forever and as grumpy as he is, I can’t see any profit for him in parlaying with goblins. Unless goblins have developed some sort of glass fetish, that is.

Even stranger still, Tsuto’s note asked Ameiko to meet him at midnight – long after the glass works would have closed. It seems that Ameiko heeded her brother’s request though, because she didn’t return to her rooms that evening. Bethana is worried and since the Sheriff asked us to keep an eye on things, we decided to take a look around.

Lavender thought the note was complete nonsense and was quite worried about her friend Ameiko. She knows the family better than I do, and she definitely doesn’t trust Tsuto. She seemed more than certain that he was up to no good and insisted that we check out things out right away.

A newcomer to town, Fredric Van Haas, overheard us talking and asked if he could accompany us to the glass-works. He was wearing the insignia of Sarenrae and I figured him for a paladin or warpriest. Either way, he carried his flail like he knew how to use it, and we figured that might come in handy.

We walked over to the glass-works and found it to be closed. We could hear roaring furnaces inside and a neighbor told us that he thought they were working on some sort of huge project. He hadn’t seen anyone come or go all day. The doors were all locked and the windows all covered with curtains.

We heard what sounded like breaking glass and giggling inside so Lavender hopped up on some crates and broke a window and looked inside. She saw a gruesome scene – several dismembered bodies surrounded by a group of wicked goblins.

The goblins spotted her and streamed out windows like a plague of locusts. Like most melees, this one was short and pitched. In the end, we killed them all.

The scene inside was horrific. Not only had they killed all of the workers, but they had murdered and tortured Lonjiku. Molten glass had been poured over his still living body, though we didn’t know if it was for information or sport. Lavender echoed her earlier mistrust of Tsuto and muttered “I knew it!”

Finding no sign of Ameiko on the ground level, we descended into the basement to look for her there. (Lavender looked longingly at many of the beautiful glass works. In her communal upbringing, the idea of “ownership” was vaguer than here in town, but she respected the laws of Sandpoint and took nothing.)

While searching, we stumbled across Tsuto and despite numerous attempts by Ando to calm him, he came at us with fists and feet flying. After a short fight, we incapacitated him and tied him up.

In another room, we found a bound and unconscious Ameiko and at least felt good that we’d rescued her, if not her father and the villagers who worked the glass forges.

Tsuto was carrying his journal, which confirmed that he was working with area goblin tribes to attack the town. The reasons for this were less clear, but it appeared to be a combination of hatred for Sandpoint and love for Tobyn’s daughter.

Tobyn’s daughter was thought killed in the same fire that killed father Tobyn, but at least according to Tsuto’s journal, that wasn’t the case at all. She appears to be trying to perform some ritual that will release Malfeshnekor into her command.

I’m not quite sure who Malfeshnekor is, but it seems that the point it to offer up Sandpoint as a burnt offering to the demon Lameshtu.

We visited Father Zantus and he confirmed that Lameshtu was bad news indeed and implored us to do whatever we could to put a stop to it. He also asked for and received aid from Desna to close the wounds we had incurred freeing Ameiko.

While Fredric and Ando took Tsuto to the town jail, Lavender and I escorted Ameiko back to the Salty Dragon. After ensuring that she was ok, we sat down and had some lunch while we reflected on recent events.

During lunch, one of the goodwives in town approached me and asked if I could look into a rat problem at her home. She told me that her son claimed that there was a monster in his closet and asked if I would take a look. Her son was about eight and normally “monsters in the closet” isn’t something I’d be worried about.

But, with the goblins and other strange happenings in town, I decided that prudence was in order. Lavender agreed to come along and we went to their home. When we arrived, we could see that the child had bit marks up and down his arms and seemed genuinely afraid of the “monster” in the closet.

Strangely, his father was also missing – having been last seen watching the child while his wife sought out our aid. When I looked into the closet, I found a small tunnel leading into the darkness. It was too small for me to explore, but Lavender cast a charm on the family dog, which confirmed that there was a goblin inside and that she had protected the child from it.

A little more exploration yielded the dead body of the husband and father, who had been killed and partially eaten by the goblin. As we dragged out the corpse, the goblin jumped out
its hiding spot but we cut it down quickly. We were too late to save the father, and I feel quite miserable about that.

We decided to head over to the jail and see how Aldo and Frederic were doing. They were interrogating Tsuto but not having much luck. Upon seeing Lavender, Aldo got an evil gleam in his eye. Turning to Tsuto, he suggested that he was going to allow Knick Knack in to gnaw on him some today and then again tomorrow.

Fredric seemed a little taken back by this and implored Tsuto to tell us everything he knew as a way of redeeming himself in the eyes of the gods. Lavender seemed a little uncomfortable but not so much that she refused. I guess she was pretty angry about all the death and destruction that Tsuto caused around town.

I don’t know Ando well enough to know whether this was a ruse to try and intimidate Tsuto or not, but I help my tongue. My only clue was Ando’s repeated attempts to parlay with Tsuto during our first encounter. I’, generally opposed to torture on principle and certainly wouldn’t consider it as a punitive measure. But, there are obviously plans afoot to attack the town and I’m not sure our little group plus the remaining town guard would be enough to thwart an all-out goblin attack.

If Tsuto could give us information about that would help us save the town, perhaps it would be justified? I don’t know and fortunately, it didn’t come to that. When Tsuto refused to say anything useful, Ando eventually gave up and there was no Tsuto snack for Knick Knack.


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