Kabald - Rise of the Runelords

A Burnt Offering

Sunday, the 1st of Rova, 4707 A.R.

Our adventure began as the PC took part in the Swallowtail Festival in the town of Sandpoint. Yet, as the celebration drew to a close, a band of goblins attacks! It is at this time where our stolid druid, Lavender Gooms learned the perils of charging into battle without her trustworthy animal companion, Knick Knack.

Even with the first wave of raiders defeated, few of the locals were willing to emerge from the nearby buildings to which they’d retreated. Father Abstalar Zantus continued to tend to the wounded and comfort the fearful.

Yet in the distance to the north came the sounds of combat, the harsh barking of the goblin invaders, and the cries of the town guard calling for assistance. The party rushed to the north gate, where Aldern Foxglove was trapped behind a rain barrel by a goblin mounted atop goblin-dog. Nearby were also six more goblins wielding torches and a warchanter lending support.

When the fight was over, Aldern lay dying from vicious wounds inflicted by the goblin warchief’s attack dog. Lavender bandaged his wounds and carried him to the cathedral, where Father Zantus healed him as well as the party. Immediately upon gaining conciousness, Aldern began to fawn over Lavender in thanks for his rescue.

Lavender and her friends, of course, were invited to join Aldern for dinner at the nearby inn, the Rusty Dragon. Aldern also provided Lavender a token of his affection, his silk handkerchief, which she could present to anyone to show that he was willing to vouch on her behalf.

No one could understand why the goblins had attacked, but few attributed to them the ability to plan such a daring daytime raid. The party began a tour of the town in order to ensure that no goblin patrols had managed to evade the vigilant watch of the town guard. Lavender soon discovered that Aldern’s handkerchief was more of a token of affection than an effective means of negotiating the right of passage for her animal companion through the town. Shortly thereafter, she was able to get a letter from Sheriff Belor Hemlock to vouch for safe passage in recognition for her efforts to save the townsfolk.

The party then retired to the Rusty Dragon, where Aldern proposed the party to join him on a boar hunt. Repulsed, Lavender awkwardly rejected Aldern’s offer to engage in such a brutish and wasteful exploitation of nature. Aldern attempted to brush the rejection off as though it were no big deal as he retired for the evening alone.

The innkeeper, Ameiko Kajitsu invited Ando Bonovoce to perform an oration of the valiant events of the day. Ando’s performance was well pleasing to the crowd, and their spirits were raised. However, this elation was quickly crushed by the arrival of Ameiko’s father, Lonjiku Kajitsu who verbally and then physically abused his daughter in front of everyone. As Lavender moved to stop him, Ameiko pulled out a soup ladle and smacked Lonjiku across the face with it. Lonjiku stormed out of the tavern promising that this wasn’t the end of things between the two of them.

Moonday, the 2nd of Rova, 4707 A.R.

Upon returning to the cathedral in the morning, the party discovered that in the dark of the night, one or more grave-robbers were hard at work in the local Boneyard. They exhumed the body of the Ezekien Tobyn, a priest of Desna who’d been killed in a fire during the late unpleasantness five years prior. His remains were seemingly carried over the north wall of Sandpoint and into the wilderness for an unknown purpose.

The party went to the Sheriff’s office to investigate whether there might be any suspects in the desecration of Father Tobyn’s remains. Upon arriving at the Sheriff’s office, the party met with Mayor Kendra Deverin, Sheriff Belor Hemlock and Shalelu Andosana. Shalelu, a local scout, came to inform the Mayor about what she’d learnt about the local goblins. After thanking the party for their efforts in saving Sandpoint, she shared what little information she had. Evidence seemed to indicate that all five of the local goblin tribes were working together; which was most unusual they were known to war with each other. She’d never heard of even two tribes working together.

The Sheriff wanted to go to Magnimar to acquire more men to help in the investigation. He said he would only be gone a few days and would appreciate it if the Heroes would care for the town in his absence. The party agreed, though the question of payment was left unanswered.

During the day, while he and his newfound friends were exploring the town, Ando Bonovoce was approached by Shayliss Vinder. She supposedly needed his help to kill a rat in her basement. She assured him it wasn’t a very large rat, and convinced him to come to her aide. He brushed off her invitation as he had no time to dally with naive young women.

Upon returning to the Rusty Dragon for lunch, the party was approached by Bethana Corwin, a maid who works for Ameiko Kajitsu at the Rusty Dragon. Bethana showed the party a note which looks to be written by Ameiko’s stepbrother, Tsuto, which suggested that their father, Lonjiku was culpable in the goblin attack and inviting her to join him at their father’s business, the Glassworks. Ameiko was nowhere to be seen and it appears that her bed had not been slept in the previous night.


Nice read!

You missed the parts where HEX MCBOG saved the town at least two times though.

A Burnt Offering

Good point. Any specific points I should have pointed out ?

A Burnt Offering
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